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Legacy Aviation 72″ Muscle Coupe – Build Day 1

Last week I saw that Extreme Flight/Legacy Aviation released a new 72″ Muscle Coupe and it looked really cool, so I had to have one.  The red and white scheme really caught my eye so its the one I selected.

I opened the box when it arrived earlier this week and immediately noticed the build quality.  Every aspect of this aircraft was built using care and thought in mind.  I really like how the canopy hatch provides access to the electronics and batteries.  This is an approach I wish they used on the Turbo Bush Master.

My plan is to build this with the following equipment:

  • Torque 4016T/500KV electric motor
  • Airboss 80A ESC
  • Hitec 7245 servos
  • Futaba 8 channel receiver

The first step in my build process is to go over all covering with an iron and glue all joints with CA.

I then located all of the control horns, cleaned them up and started the painting process.  This isn’t really a necessary step but something I like to do; makes the end result look a bit more polished.  Make sure to not paint the end that is glued into the plane.

I’ll paint the other side in the morning.

Next I glued the elevator into the horizontal stab and prepared it for assembly into the fuselage.  I use a laser for alignment on my planes.  Its an easy way to find where adjustments are needed.  I found the horizontal stab required a little adjustment before I glued it in place.

Once everything is aligned the way I want, I glued it in with thin CA.

I’ll let all this setup, including the paint on the control horns and get back to it in the morning!