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One thing I do quite a bit of is testing and development on both the Arduino micro-controller and Raspberry Pi micro-computer. I have a few different test environments and they all use some sort of breadboard. When I’m using multiple controllers/computers, sensors and input devices, I need the breadboards to be powered. This can, and will, reduce the power burden on all the devices being used.

For example, when I testing an ESP8266/NodeMCU I need to power it and don’t want to over burden the circuits on my Arduino UNO board. I still have my Arduino UNO powered via the USB or separate supply in addition to the powered breadboard.

One of my Breadboards with a Breadboard Power Supply

There are many places to order the same breadboard power supply I use. The actual brand you purchase doesn’t really matter. Just make certain to know the maximum current draw. Personally, I use the YwRobot 545043 power supply. I’ve never had one fail and you can get 5 of them for less than $10.

The YwRobot power supply accepts up to 12v input power. I use an AC to 12v DC power cable, rated at 2 amps. You can select 5v or 3.3v for each powerrail on your breadboard. This is especially handy because there are many devices (example – ESP chips and breakout boards) that only run on 3.3v.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always make certain all of your devices are grounded together. Don’t mistake this for “all devices powered together”; you don’t want to do this or will damage your Aruino, sensors and/or input devices.
One of my test environments. All devices are grounded but not all powered by the breadboard power supply.

If you look closely you will see Raspberry/Arduino (bottom left) is powered by a separate power supply and the Arduino (upper left) with the DRDUINO test board atop also has its own separate power supply. There are two ESP8266/NodeMCU boards; one atop the (upper left) Arduino UNO and the other (on the breadboard) are powered by the 3.3v supply from the breadboard power supply.

  • Most of these breadboard power supplies can only handle about 700ma current draw. Adjust and use multiple breadboards and power supplies if needed.
JBtekJBtek Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V/5V for Arduino Board Solderless Breadboard6.5 to123.3v and 5v700ma$7.00Amazon
HiLetGoHiLetgo 5pcs 3.3V 5V Power Supply Module for MB102 102 Prototype Board Breadboard
6.5 to 9v3.3v and 5v700ma$1.50

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