Factors that Drive the Success of Information Use

There are many factors that comprise the successful implementation of a SharePoint solution. Regardless of what it is you are building, the following key success factors apply. Ease the Pains Associated with Storing and Managing Information Provide Meaningful and Accurate Information to Consumers Promote the Agile Evolution of Information Use Governance Education Each of these […]

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SharePoint 2013 Task Management

Task ManagementContents for SharePoint 2013 Task Management1 Task Management2 Task Assignment3 Subtasks4 Timeline View5 Aggregating Tasks to Your Personal Site6 Managing Tasks with Microsoft Project7 Extending Microsoft Project Fields to a Task List8 Conclusion The task management functionality available in SharePoint 2013 has many new and improved features. Features such as the ability to create […]

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SVSPUG: Leveraging SaaS Applications Using the SharePoint 2013 App Model, 2/20/2014

Join us at the Silicon Valley SharePoint User Group, on February 20, to learn more about SharePoint 2013 App Model development techniques.  Brian Prigge, from Ramp, will be delivering our session, discussing how to leverage SaaS applications using the SharePoint 2013 app model. This should be an interesting and informative discussion; we hope to see […]

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