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I’m setting up a new Raspberry Pi this morning and one of the first things I do with any new Pi is change the pi user password. Doing so is a very simple task.

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User management in Raspbian is done on the command line. The default user is pi, and the password is raspberry. You can add users and change each user’s password.

Once you’re logged in as the pi user, it is highly advisable to use the passwd command to change the default password to improve your Pi’s security.

Change Your Password

Enter passwd on the command line and press Enter. You’ll be prompted to enter your current password to authenticate, and then asked for a new password. Press Enter on completion and you’ll be asked to confirm it. Note that no characters will be displayed while entering your password. Once you’ve correctly confirmed your password, you’ll be shown a success message (passwd: password updated successfully), and the new password will apply immediately.

[email protected]:~ S passwd
Changing password for pi.
(current) UNIX password: (current password, default raspberry)
Enter new UNIX password: (strong password)
Retype new UNIX password: (same password as above)
passwd: password updated successfully
[email protected]:~ S

In the next few Raspberry Pi specific articles, I will demonstrate how to add a SSD drive to your system.

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