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My First Look at the DRDUINO Arduino UNO Shield and Starter Kit

Recently I purchased a DRDUINO Arduino UNO Starter Kit. I saw it on Facebook and thought it might be a great tool for testing new circuits and Arduino Sketches (programs).

What is the DRDUINO Shield?

Testing a temperature/humidity sensor and displaying those values on a 20×4 LCD. A quick and simple little project I will write a post about soon.

In the picture above, the DRDUINO Shield is the red board atop of the Arduino UNO.

In general, the DRDUINO Shield is a board that sit’s on top of an Arduino UNO, providing you with components such as buttons, potentiometers, buzzer and test points. It can be used as a Learning Kit, Test Fixture, Simulator, Powerful Debugger and more.

DRDUINO Arduino UNO Starter Kit

DRDUINO Arduino UNO Starter Kit
Including: Arduino UNO, potentiometers, switches, headers (Male and Female), Test points, RS-232 connector, Jumpers, Dr.Duino PCB and USB cable.

The DRDUINO Arduino UNO Starter Kit is a complete package, including the Arduino UNO, all necessary parts and directions for building the DRDUINO Shield.

My package arrived in very short time. Not sure I recall exactly but it was less a than a week from order to delivery. I opened the 75-piece package and took at look at all the parts. Everything looks very professional, documented well and all came together in less than 2 hours.

After purchasing the first one, I ordered two more as I found them very useful for testing. I’m always testing one thing or another and didn’t want disassemble my previous project to start my next! 🙂

The assembly instructions and Arduino Sketch (program) can be downloaded from their site here: DRDUINO Downloads. Once you have completed the assembly, there is a DRDUINO provided Arduino Sketch that is used for testing. If there are any issues with assembly, the tests will help identify them.

Soldering Skills Needed

This is a kit and requires assembly; and a lot of it if you’re new to electronics and/or soldering. If you are not comfortable with soldering I recommend doing some practice first, asking for a friend’s help or pay someone to build it for you. Thankfully, I had zero issues with mine and it worked perfectly when powered.

On the DRDUINO News Blog, you can find a myriad of articles about their products, projects, product reviews and more.

If you’re new to the Arduino, I recommend going through the many examples provided with the DRDUINO Shield.


The DRDUINO Arduino UNO Starter Kit certainly has my vote for one of the better test platforms for the Arduino UNO. Whether you’re new to the Arduino or a seasoned pro, I believe you will find this to be of value; I sure do!

Have fun with it and let me know how you use it!

I’m not affiliated with DRDUINO and do not receive any monetization for these posts.

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